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12 week team challenge, full IT system support.
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goFIT is a 12 week Team Movement Challenge

We know that being sedentary - inactivity - is one of the biggest health challenges in the UK. We also know that when creating new practices, doing so as part of a team makes success greater - 99% vs 67%. The GoFIT Team Movement Challenge provides a science-lead, team environment to help students and staff move more each week. The goal is simple: to hit that week's movement minute targets.

gofit.ac.uk is your Movement Challenge service.

The goFIT challenge system is a white label service that lets you create your own University's look and feel for your Challenge with our templates. Have a logo? Have a colour? You're ready to go. The service includes everything you need to run a complete challenge, from team set up invitations, to Challenge Leaderboards, admin performance reports, and mobile and desktop Movement Minute Logging clients. There is also a bevy of content from health and wellbeing experts that you can access to support the challenge. Or you can create your own content on the fly or in advance, and schedule when you want it to appear. Set up is easy: contact us to get your challenge started; your organisation's name will appear as "gofit.ac.uk/INSTITUTION" and you will have access to all admin tools and templates to run your challenge. If you'd like it, we're here to help.

A little GoFIT background

gofit.ac.uk is hosted at the University of Southampton, a project lead by prof. m.c. schraefel, Electronics and Computer Science, based on MIT's successful getFit annual challenge. It's been developed with prof. schraefel by Rareloop.com.

Look and Feel

Our templates let you skin the goFIT challenge to support your Uni's look and feel.

Open Safe Data

Data that participants contributes remains theirs; aggregated data sets are available for research into health and wellbeing.


Have a service or system that you'd like goFIT to use? We can help you build in that service, or develop it for you

Pre Challenge Team Organisation

The system helps you get teams together before the Challenge starts - we recommend 2 weeks' notice.


We are keen to see as many Universities participating together in goFIT as possible. Talk to us about how to make this happen.

Challenge Tools

Our Admin Tools make it easy to see how teams are doing each week so you know when you may want to step in to tweak engagement.

Smarter, Faster, Stronger...Nicer

Just add Movement Minutes - with goFIT

Join our #movementmovement. We make it easy.

The first 10 UK/EU Universities to sign up by Dec 15 will get Free Tech Support and Challenge Consultation.
Dec 15 2014 is our closing date for new goFIT members.



goFIT Imperial wins ENAS Best Practice Award 2014

13 Nov 2014

Sport Imperial's Neil Mosley receives the Best Practice Award 2014 from ENAS, the European Network of Academic Sports Service for bringing together the GoFIT challenge with One Big Thing

Full Story

Southampton launches first GoFIT Challenge Pilot

4 Feb 2013

GoFIT 12 week movement challenge rolls out from 4 week fall pilot to 12 week test run to introduce more movement to campus, and kick the tires of its feldgling software system.full story

City University Joins Imperial & Southampton for UK GoFIT Pilot

March 4, 2014

City is the Third UK University to pilot the goFit Challenge and software platform, along with Imperial and Southampton - to help staff and students get into more movement minutes Full Story

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